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The (new) idea of Europe: Glocal Europe

18th June 2016

The political structure of states has remained essentially unchanged since the French Revolution. The model of the nation-state has soldiered on for nearly two centuries in the Western world (while being imposed in rather an […]

A Short Story from History

Universal Catalans

Josep Ferrater Mora

18th June 2016

Ferrater Mora studied Philosophy at the University of Barcelona between 1932 and 1936. At the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War he fought at the front on the Republican side, before being wounded and subsequently […]

Universal Catalans

Enric Granados

20th March 2016

On 24 March 1916, while returning from the premiere of his opera Goyescas at the Metropolitan in New York, the ship in which he was travelling was broken in two by a German torpedo and […]

Dossier: 700th anniversary of the most Universal Catalan

Manel Esclusa. Skin and Shadow

The Artist
18th June 2016
‘Manel Esclusa puts an end to intrigue and instead fixes moments with a blast of beauty. The effect does not call for indifference, instead it sincerely calls us to follow him in all manner of [...]
A Poem

Tender is the night / Tendra és la nit

18th June 2016

No rich people at night! No crows at night! Nightingales have the night Only hunting at night! No carrion at night! Banks are closed at night! We all come from the night! We all go […]






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