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The (new) idea of Europe: Glocal Europe

18th junio 2016

When the Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan first coined the phrase Global Village in 1961 little would he have imagined he was foreshadowing such a concept as globalization, which was to change the whole world. When […]

Conference: Geopolitical Approaches for Catalonia

Click here to listen to Víctor Terradella's i Maré's speech, in Catalan, "Aproximació a una geopolítica per a Catalunya" [Geopolitical Approaches for Catalonia] delivered on 22 September 2016 at the "Universitat de Barcelona's" Aula Magna. The conference was also addressed by the former President of the Catalan Government Artur Mas, and was chaired by Chancellor Dídac Ramírez.

Universal Catalans

Universal Catalans

Carmen Amaya, the most universal gypsy

9th octubre 2016

Carmen Amaya was born 1913 in el Somorrostro, a shantytown located between the city of Barcelona and the sea. Her dancing was set to revolutionize the art of flamenco, since it was a synthesis of […]

Universal Catalans

Josep Ferrater Mora

18th junio 2016

This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of Josep Ferrater Mora, arguably the most important Catalan philosopher of the twentieth century and one of the most remarkable intellectuals to have lived in exile. […]

Dossier: 700th anniversary of the most Universal Catalan

A Poem

Sol-fa, so good

30th septiembre 2016

SOL-FA, SO GOOD (or THE FROG IN THE BOG) Don’t forget the toilet-roll! REmember that the jolly frog MErely was a pollywog. FAmously, nu intégral SOothes the mind and sorts it all. LAkes and hills […]






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